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What are Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, and Trade Secrets? And, how do I choose what I need?

We specialize in helping clients select between the various types of intellectual property based upon a number of factors. Selection involves factors that are very unique to the clients' current global business strategies, the role of the intellectual property in their businesses, the nature of the intellectual property, budgetary considerations, as well as other factors.

To illustrate the complexity of such a task, consider a software package. The name of the software package may be a trademark if the package is sold off the shelf in the United States; or the name may be a service mark is the software package will be licensed to customers. The customers/licensees may reside in the United States and other countries so corresponding marks may also be procured in the other countries. The key or core of the software package may be held as a trade secret to avoid disclosure to competitors, while other inventive aspects of the software package may be filed as patent applications in the United States as well as selected other countries. Additionally, software documentation or source code for the software package may be filed in a copyright application, redacting any trade secret information, to offer an additional layer of protection. The proper combination and balance of intellectual property protection for a software package will vary based on the nature of the software, the business and competitive environment, and many other factors.

We can work with your business to outline key factors to develop a comprehensive, tailored, intellectual property strategy. Then, we can help you accomplish your intellectual property goals, from procuring the intellectual property and instituting measures to protect your trade secrets, to licensing and enforcing your intellectual property rights.


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